Headshot of Braidy Merkle

Braidy Merkle

Engineer at Trunk Club

Chicago, IL

Headshot of Tracy Lee

Tracy Lee

CEO, This Dot Labs

Bay Area, CA

Headshot of Divya Sasidharan

Divya Sasidharan

Developer Advocate at Netlify

Boston, MA

Headshot of Diego Hernandez

Diego Hernandez

Front-end developer at IBM

Chicago, IL

Headshot of J.C. Hiatt

J.C. Hiatt

Software Engineer & Growth Manager at Echobind

Jackson, MS

Headshot of Isabela Moreira

Isabela Moreira

Senior UX Engineer

Seattle, WA

Headshot of Karl L. Hughes

Karl L. Hughes

CTO at The Graide Network

Chicago, IL

Headshot of Chris Hernandez

Chris Hernandez

CTO at Own It Technologies, Inc

Chicago, IL

    Headshot of Josh Hargreaves

    Josh Hargreaves

    Senior Software Engineer at Bloomberg

    New York, NY

    Headshot of Angela Malone

    Angela Malone

    Engineer at Draftbit

    Chicago, IL

    Headshot of Sebastian Kurpiel

    Sebastian Kurpiel

    Engineer at Draftbit

    Chicago, IL

      Headshot of Jennifer Wadella

      Jennifer Wadella

      JavaScript Consultant

      Kansas City, MO

      Headshot of Brian Ambielli

      Brian Ambielli

      Senior Software Engineer @ Flexport

      Chicago, IL

      Headshot of Westin Wrzesinski

      Westin Wrzesinski

      Staff Engineer at Sprout Social

      Chicago, IL